Hair Care Essentials

To ensure that our customers get the optimal value for their hair extensions, it highly recommended that our customers observe these basic hair care tips, as well as regular maintenance of their hair.This will guarantee that your hair extension use gives you the most desired satisfaction upon purchase. Emeraldluxhair is obligated to providing you with these guides to effectively utilize your extensions to increase its life span. Our hair would normally last up to 3 years but can be better with adequate care and maintenance culture.

As soon as you receive your purchased hair, immediately run a quick scan or inspection to ascertain that you are getting the right hair that you ordered for. If it’s the right product, at this time you can cut the tags and run a brush or comb through the hair from top to bottom to check if there is any problem with the item. Please contact us if you think there is an issue at this point.

Brushing or Combing

Allow a few days before using a looper brush on the hair for newly purchased hair. For hair already in use, remove entanglements by brushing downwards from the roof to the tips in small sections.


To wash your hair, you need warm water, a shampoo, a conditioner, a comb and a towel. Pour the warm water in a little container and soak the hair. With a mild shampoo, wash the hair in the container. When washing, wash from the roof to the tip. Avoid haphazard movements that can result in knotting and tangling.  After washing the hair, rinse the hair of water by running yourfingers from top to bottom through the hair so as to remove the water. Place the hair on a dry towel to soak up the remaining water, and then apply a deep in conditioner. After 2-3 minutes, get another clean water to rinse the hair for about 2-3 times. Using your hand, squeeze the hair gently to get rid of the water. Dry the hair with a towel to remove more water. Lastly air dry the hair by opening up the weft.

 Heat Application

Avoid excessive heat on the hair, as this may reduce its life span and trigger damage. When styling your hair for straightening or curling, apply heat protective sprays set to medium or low temperature.

Before Going to bed

Always protect your hair with a light scarf, a net or a sleeping cap before going to bed. Unprotected hair will joggle the hair around and will result knotting and tangling.