About Us

Emeraldluxhair offers an assemblage of premium quality natural raw virgin hair extensions that are unparallel and unbeatable in texture and value. Emerging from an already saturated market littered with adulterated and counterfeit extension products, Emeraldluxhair presents top-notched authentic, quality tested and value driven brands that have subdued the competition.

Our collections of 100% raw human virgin hair are fresh, with glittering lustre and in excellent conditions. All our brands have their cuticles unidirectionally, such that twisting and entanglements are barest. At Emeraldluxhair, our unique hair extensions are refashioned to give you a personalized feel, semblance to the original owner with empowerments and control to maintain your individuality.

All our products are procured directly from source destinations, with bundle supplies from single donors. At Emeraldluxhair, we strive to maintain excellence through our continuous offerings of pure undiluted hair extensions; and this passion will continue to drive our pursuit.

As you shop our brands, be rest assured that ‘’Authentic Is Always The Key”.