Where does Emeraldluxhair source its hair from?

Our hair is hand selected and sourced from various locations in Southeast Asia and neighboring environs. Emeraldluxhair guarantees the authenticity of its products.  Our collections of hair are full cuticle with long lasting outcomes. Emeraldluxhair brands are well tested with unique durability that will allay your fears.

 Are Emeraldluxhair extensions raw hair?

Yes, our hair is in their natural state when cut, with the cuticles intact and aligned unidirectionally, thereby preventing the hair from twisting and knotting. The hair is rich and extremely healthy. Raw hair is the hair that has not been subjected to any form of alteration by way of bleaching, dyeing etc. Emeraldluxhair is collected from single donors, and are sanitized, deep conditionedand washed.

Our Emeraldlux virgin bundles are also raw hair in natural state, except that they are collected from multiple donors unlike the Emeraldluxhair bundles that are from singe donors.

What is the time frame that my hair is expected to last?

Our brands will normally last between 3-5 years or more depending on your maintenance culture. Since everyone differs in their approach to hair care, durability outcomes of their hair will obviously be different for different people. But with proper due diligence in hair care and treatment, you will get the optimal value in the longevity of your hair. Please refer to our section on Hair Care Essentials.

 Can I dye, color, bleach or blow dry my hair?

Yes, since all our brands are raw natural raw hair, they are well endowed and can be dyed, colored, bleached and blow dried. Washing of the hair and proper conditioning is recommended after dyeing or coloring.

 How many hair bundles do I require for a full head?

The number of bundles required depends normally on the length. For lengths of 18-20 inches, 3 hair bundles will suffice. For lengths of 22-28 inches, 4 bundles will be perfect.