Virgin Wavy Hair
Virgin Wavy Hair

Virgin Wavy Hair

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Virgin Wavy Hair

This hair comes naturally dense in terms of thickness. It tapers from the top to bottom with a flowing appearance and is 100% virgin raw and unprocessed hair. This hair is from Multiple donors and are well woven. The are well adapted for styling and comes with no strands or shedding loss. They are pure and devoid of synthetic fibers.


  • 100% Virgin Raw Human hair
  • Unique natural thickness and density
  • Brownish black in color
  • Easy styling
  • Suited for coloring, bleaching and dyeing
  • No adulteration or synthetic mixes
  • No tangling, twisting or knotting
  • Normally last 3-5 years depending on hair care
  • Weight 3.2oz – 3.7oz